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Transatlantic crossing on Star Clippers

Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises with Star Clippers. Discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are combined with the modern comforts and amenities of the present. 

Perfect for cruising in casual elegance. Itineraries range from the sun-kissed Mediterranean, Atlantic  to the exotic Far East and the Caribbean.

On board you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, friendly crew, and international cuisine, all in pampered comfort. If you’re a boating enthusiast, you can choose to lend a hand hoisting the sails, you can climb the mast, or you can just lay back and let the crew do all the work.

Star-Clippers-Tall-Ship-Cruise star clippers Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruises Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruise

Star Clippers

Now come aboard Star Clipper, Star Flyer or the new flagship the Royal Clipper, the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world today. As thousands of feet of sail unfurl above you, you’ll feel the elation of those mariners of long ago. This is Star Clippers and the adventure has just begun!

It’s an incredible feeling. You emerge from your stateroom and a breeze caresses your face. You look up to see white sails reflecting the light of the sun against the blue sky. The gentle lapping of waves against a wind driven hull. A pod of dolphins playing in the curling bow wave. And with the sun barely over the yardarm, a tall drink by the pool to salute a propitious marriage of a splendid cruise vacation with the romance of sailing aboard a true Tall Ship. It is this unique combination of sailing tradition and pampered vacationing that is the essence of Star Clippers.

If you’ve ever turned misty-eyed when watching a stately procession of tall ships slowly meander the Hudson River, Star Clippers may be the perfect cruise experience. Owner Mickael Kraft, born and raised near a ship yard in Sweden, constructed two identical clipper ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper and offers the rare opportunity to cruise the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Far East aboard the swiftest and largest clipper ships ever built. Each is powered by 36,000 square feet of sail from four masts, including five giant square sails on the foremast (a diesel engine is in reserve for calms and maneuvering in port).

In July, 2000, the 5,000-ton Royal Clipper entered the fleet, the largest — and most beautiful — full-rigged clipper ship ever built. The ship boats 56,000 sq. feet of sails and masts reaching a height of 197 feet. Carrying 227 passengers and a crew 106, Royal Clipper has a spa and health club and a three-deck atrium with circular staircase. A full 19,000 square feet of open deck and three small pools invite languid days and nights beneath the sails and stars. Imagine the envious stares you’ll get when sailing majestically out of Nice or Barbados!

This small but healthy company has established a comfortable niche of offering some of the best one-week itineraries around at prices comparable to (and often below) conventional cruise ships. There’s also a guaranteed single rate that can be a terrific lure for those seeking the close camaraderie characteristic of small ships with a wide range of ages aboard.


Star Clippers star clippers Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruises Star Clippers

Star Clippers









Who sails with Star Clippers?

1)  People who love to be propelled by the wind, and “truly” sail!

2)  We accept all ages, but we market to ages 35 to 75, with the medium age onboard being about mid 50’s to early 60’s.

3)  Guests with no major mobility issues.  We have no elevators,  and we tender often because of the intimate ports we visit.

4)  People who love adventure!  Climb to crows nest, lay in the bowsprit nets over the water, or even steer the ship!

5)  Those who enjoy a casual, unstructured, private yacht experience.  No lines, no waiting!

6)  Guests who enjoy amazing cuisine with open seating dining at all meals, with no jackets or ties ever required.

7)  People from all over the world sail with us.  So guests who enjoy a wonderful international feeling onboard.

8)  People who enjoy being social!  Our ships are very social, and you will meet so many new friends while on our ships!

9)  Those who enjoy the open sea, the stimulation of  unique itineraries, with having all watersports included!

Give us a call at 623-444-8195 to discuss group dates or use the search engine to find a cruise on Star Clippers.