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Avalon European River Cruises Budapest to Amsterdam

Budapest Dinner Views

A westbound adventure with Avalon European River Cruises begins in Budapest. Allow yourself to watch the five-minute video or browse these photographs with comments attached. We are a travel agency located in Surprise, AZ and highly recommend Avalon due to a simple slogan: “fewer people, more space.” This is the result of the unique cabin […]

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Avalon River Cruises Food and Dining

Avalon Rack of Lamb

Avalon River Cruises Food and Dining   Avalon River Cruises Food: Salads and Appetizers Avalon River Cruises Food:  Main Dishes The Avalon River Cruises food from the Bistro Avalon River Cruises Food: Desserts All photos taken by Daniel Oppliger, Avalon River Cruises Specialist with Tropical Sails Corp. From the first bite to the last “Mmmmm,” Avalon […]

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It is Easy to Be Lost in Venice

Venice St Mark's Square

It is Easy to Be Lost in Venice It is easy to become lost in Venice. We did it several times. After exiting the train station to a beautiful canal view and descending the marble steps, ah go left and then left at the first street. Sounds simple. Somehow a thick dark line on a […]

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Our Walking Tour in Florence with My Tours

Walking Tour Florene Italy

  Our Walking Tour in Florence. We arrived in Florence, Italy in the afternoon. Naturally we exited the train station on the opposite side where we should have exited. The 12-minute walk to our hotel took 25 minutes. The sidewalks and pavement was remarkably smooth. There was not a paver or brick out of place. […]

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Tour of Siena Tuscany Italy

Pizza in Siena Tuscany Italy

Our Tour of Siena began with a long walk. It seemed our bus was far away. What the purple bird has to with anything except the Vikings, I don’t know. It brought a smile to Shirley’s face, not to be outdone by the Cardinal bird. That one laid an egg earlier this week.   We […]

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San Gimignano The Heart of Tuscany

Dan and Shirley in San Gimignano

  San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany, is a mid-evil town overlooking the countryside. We entered the city gates and walked along cobblestone/brick street without one paver out of place. I found a coffee shop and had cafe Americano for 1.50 Euro in a ceramic, not paper cup. We followed the alleys to plazas, […]

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