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Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017

Swimming with Whales Cruise Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Swimming with Whale Cruise

Swimming with Whales Cruise

Swimming  with Whales Cruise on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, January 21-28. 2017

Have you dreamed of swimming in crystal clear waters with Humpback whales? Here is your opportunity to join noted Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer, Laurie Reyon and Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon de Barrigónon this trip of a lifetime. You will spend 7 nights and 6 days living on board your private yacht on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic surrounded by Humpback whales. Each day you will go out to see and swim with these majestic beings who graciously allow you to observe them in the warm tropical waters. Watch mothers with curious calves, observe the mating rituals and float immersed in the sounds of the male Humpback’s mystical song. Laurie and Anne will lead meditations and share communications from the whales to help you connect with them on the spiritual level after spending the day meeting them face to face in their ocean home.

Swimming with Whales Cruis Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Swimming with Whales Cruise Divers

Swimming with Whales Cruise

The Silver Bank is a designated Sanctuary for Marine Mammals in the Dominican Republic protecting the breeding and calving grounds of the North Atlantic Humpback population. There are only 3 tour operators authorized to be in the Sanctuary. These operators strictly follow responsible whale watching practices to respect and honor the Humpbacks. Respecting and protecting the whales is their number one priority.

Swimming with Whales Cruise Ship Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Swimming with Whales Cruise Ship

Swimming with Whales Cruise Ship

Soft-in-Water Encounters is the accepted term for the legal technique of swimming with the whales on the Silver Bank. This ensures that everyone on the Silver Bank safeguards the integrity of the Sanctuary and the humpback whales at all times. The Silver Bank is one of only two places in the world where it is legal to swim with wild whales.

Your home on the Silver Bank, is the M/V Sun Dancer II, a 138′ (42 m) yacht which features a total of four decks, including three passenger decks. All decks are spacious, comfortable, and well appointed, with air conditioning to all interior areas. Interior areas are well lit by picture windows so the whale watching doesn’t have to stop just because you are indoors!

Master Stateroom Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Master Stateroom2

Master Stateroom

There are two Master Staterooms, each with a single queen-sized bed, and seven Deluxe Staterooms, configurable with either two twin beds or one king-sized bed, ideal for singles or couples alike.
With safety always in mind, theM/V Sun Dancer II fully complies with all international regulations governing safety equipment, personnel, training and watchkeeping.

4.5 days of swimming with the whales. Each day after breakfast you will go out in the specially built whale boats, to meet the whales. They are each 25′ (7.5m) fiberglass boats, with a wide 9′ (2.75m) beam that offers a stable ride to the guests. Built for open water, each boat has an unsinkable, foam flotation filled hull, and twin four stroke outboard engines, which are quiet and have low emissions. These are important environmental considerations while operating in the sanctuary and around the humpback whales.

Each boat is equipped with a fully cushioned central bench, which means all guests are seated on comfortable benches with full backs in the shade and away from the spray. This is excellent for comfort as well as looking for and photographing whales. There is also a large heavy duty dive ladder to make boarding easier once your encounter is over. And once helped safely out of the water, there is a supply of hearty snacks and cold beverages to satisfy your appetites!

Swim wiht Humbakc Whales Cruise Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Swim with Humpback Whales

Swim with Humpback Whales Cruise

Laurie Reyon and Anne Gordon de Barrigón Are your hosts for this once in a lifetime experience. Laurie is an interspecies communicator and will help you to open your own telepathic connection with the whales and she will also share messages direct from the whales for the group every evening after dinner.

Salon on Whale Watching Cruise Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales Cruise from Dominican Republic Jan 2017 Salon Another Day to Evening

Salon on Whale Watching Cruise

Anne is an experienced Humpback whale watching guide in Panama, as well as a Whale Wisdom Expert and Certified Dolphin Energy Healer. She will eagerly share with you her insights, knowledge and wisdom she has learned from the whales in her years with them. Anne will lead guided meditations to meet your very own whale spirit guide as well as Dolphin Energy Healing sessions for the group.

Swimming with Whales Cruise Inclusions:
● Seven nights accommodations aboard, starting with guests boarding Saturday evening approximately 5:00 pm; and disembarking the following Saturday morning at approximately 8:00 am.
●The excursion is seven nights and six days. Your arrival/departure days are included in those six.
● You will have five days on the Silver Bank with up to four and one half (4.5) days of tender time to look for whales (up to nine tender excursions), weather permitting as per Sanctuary rules.
●All beverages , including carbonated, non-carbonated, and alcoholic; a limited selection of beer (local) and wine is provided. Hard alcoholic beverages will not be provided, but may be brought on board the vessel if desired.
●Three meals a day aboard the vessel, except for the last (Friday) night, which will be ashore. Morning and afternoon snack. Morning in-room beverage service.
● Expert Naturalist guide and trip leaders, Laurie Reyon and Anne Gordon de Barrigón
●Guided meditations, communications from the whales and group whale and dolphin energy healings.

Swimming with Whales Cruise exclusions:
● Any airfare or airfare related expenses.
● Tourist Card required at arrival airport.
● Excess baggage/lost baggage charges.
● Transfers to and from or between airport, hotel, vessel, bus station, tours; any ground transportation.
● Hotels or any type of shore accommodations.
● Airport departure taxes.
● Any Sanctuary & Port Fees (currently $350 pp, fees subject to change).
● Any Fuel Surcharges (currently estimated at $100 pp, surcharge subject to change)
● Dinner the last (Friday) night, which will be ashore.
● Distilled spirits or hard alcohol beyond the supplied beer (local) and wine.
● Snorkeling and/or camera/video equipment rental.
● Souvenir Video DVD, and/or Photo CD, and/or Audio CD, T-shirts, etc.
● Tips or Gratuity for Crew and Guides (10% of fare suggested).

Price $4,250 per person Deluxe Stateroom
$4,395 per person Master Stateroom



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