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Star Clippers Bali Westbound Sailing Sumenep

Sumenep is a sleepy town with a laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. You get the impression that by mid-afternoon the whole town is taking a prolonged siesta.  Life revolves around the central pedestrian area which is like the “plaza de armas” or Main Square found in many South American towns and it is here that the principal tourist attractions are to be found. This was our first port after a day at sea on the Star Clipper.

Is was not so sleepy today.  Check out the video above and the raucous welcome with a float manned by a band, Indonesian girls performing traditional dances.  They served us tea and some local treats, cookies and finger foods.  

sumenep Star Clippers Bali Westbound Sailing Sumenep Sumenep Wecome

sumenep Star Clippers Bali Westbound Sailing Sumenep Sumenep Ladies

Sumenep Ladies

The tour starts with a visit to the Sumenep museum in the town centre. The museum is situated just opposite the Kraton Sumenep, the former sultan’s palace built in the eighteenth century, and houses a collection of items which belonged to the royal family: colonial era furniture, ceremonial weapons and a golden carriage which was a gift from the Queen of England to the ruler of Sumenep. You will also see a massive edition of the Koran, which is 4m high, 3 m wide and weighs 500 kg.

sumenep Star Clippers Bali Westbound Sailing Sumenep Indonesian Girl with Shirley

Indonesian Girl with Shirley


After the museum you will step inside Kraton Sumenep itself. There is a small museum inside the palace displaying furniture from Madura as well as binggel (weighty bracelets worn by the Madura women) and other ceremonial items.

Next on the agenda is Sare Park where there is a bathing pool which was kept for the exclusive use of the Royal Princesses. The entrance to the palace complex is called Labang Mesem (the Smiling Gate) and, as with most Javanese kraton, there is a big Banyan tree, considered to be a symbol of eternal life, growing in the courtyard.

sumenep Star Clippers Bali Westbound Sailing Sumenep Sumenep

We had to adorn Muslim attire and we still could not go into the Mosque.


A short walk will take you to the Sumenep Great Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia. Built in 1779 this yellow and white building is an eclectic mixture of Chinese, Javanese and Western architecture. The mosque is enclosed by iron railing, which has replaced the massive wall of former times, designed to separate the Mosque complex from the outside world.

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