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Yacht Charter Turkey

Our Turkish partners own three wonderful yachts, all with air-conditioning. This video, although a few years old now, accurately depicts the type of tours you may do on a Blue Voyage in Turkey. The three yachts this family owned company has have 8, 7 and 6 cabins. So they can take a group of up to 44 on an amazing voyage along the Turquoise coast.

Ephesus to Bodrum or Bodurm to Ephesus has been a popular route over the years. You can go north out of Bodrum, do wonderful loop and take short bus trips to Ephesus, Didyma and Miletos too.

In 1999 they were so brazen that they took their yachts into the Black Sea to observe a total solar eclipse. The trip is still spoken of in Bodrum, Turkey today. Tropical Sails Corp organized the Black Sea Eclipse tour of 1999 and we saw it. Many in Europe did not due to cloud cover.

Finding yachts that are well maintained, reasonably priced with a personable crew is important. Tropical Sails only works with a few yacht owners where we know the quality you will receive.

The yachts depicted in the video are ideal for groups. The cabins are small, but with 6-7-8 of them, you can keep the price per person low. The rage in Bodrum now is yachts of the same size 23-28 meters cut into four luxurious cabins. We have a list of those available too. Best to tell us your dates, budget and we will find you a yacht. We know what is available the particular week you desire and can give you a few choices usually in 24 to 36 hours.

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