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Windjammer Mandalay Cruise Sale

Windjammer Mandalay Cruise Sale mandalay cruise Windjammer Mandalay Cruise Sale Windjammer Mandalay Cruise Sale

Windjammer Mandalay Cruise Sale

A Mandalay cruise is like no other cruise. Anchored in St. Georges, Grenada she sets out on weekly (see variations in the schedule) voyages with barefoot, tee-shirt wearing passengers for six nights of swashbuckling fun in the sun.

Yes, it is a cruise, and you don’t have to work. (See video) Ok, finished with the two most asked questions. Can you bend your elbow? Ok, you can drink a rum swizzle. Now the amount of the rum varies based on how much work you do. But really, it takes two renditions of Amazing Grace over the loudspeakers to raise the sails. The sails are raised by muscle power. You may take a turn at the helm.

Now, back to the cruise part, which I know you just have to ask. Yes, there are cabins, air-conditioned. All cabins have private showers and heads.  Comfortable, but in no means luxurious but you can sleep out of the warm and sometimes hot air. They serve a full sit down breakfast, although you are welcome to pastries and Bloody Mary’s for early risers. Lunches are usually a buffet on the beach or on deck. There is swizzle time and either a sit-down dinner or barbeque on the beach.

There is no casino or Vegas show on a Mandalay Cruise. There are stars, local entertainment, mingling on the islands and impromptu parties on deck. There are history lessons from the Captain, sailing lessons, hair weaving demonstrations, a well-stocked bar, and if that is not enough, there is the island breeze, gentle rains (sometimes) and the smell of salt air.

Check out the cabin layouts, deck plans and fares.

OK, after a Mandalay cruise you will need a week to recover, so plan on staying at Sandals LaSource Grenada.

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