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When In Rome

Made it to Vatican City {focus_keyword} When In Rome SAM 1305

Made it to Vatican City

When in Rome,  Spent a full day in “the armpit of Italy,” as an Aussie described the eternal city. He had four nights booked here and left after two. We were too tired to do much after the disaster caused in Miami by somebody deciding to need emergency medical treatment on the tarmac.

After a late start, we took the Big Green Bus loop tour of the city.  We looped it once and then did it again getting off at various sites.

Our hotelier suggested a “Familia Restaurante” for dinner.

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Lemon Torte {focus_keyword} When In Rome IMG 1556

Familia Restaurante

Collessem {focus_keyword} When In Rome SAM 1288


Dan Oppleganger Store {focus_keyword} When In Rome SAM 1298

Dan Oppleganger Store

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