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Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises from Tropical Sails Corp
Tall Ship Cruises tall ship cruises Tall Ship Cruises Tall Ship Cruises


 Tropical Sails Corp has long been offering her clients tall ship cruises. First we represented the old Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. We added Star Clippers at the same time as we needed more ships for the Great Caribbean Solar Eclipse of 1998. We chartered yachts in Turkey for two solar eclipses and for several groups since then. Turkey offers the blue voyage if you just want a cabin or crewed yacht charters. We have good relations with our Turkish friends.

Tall ship cruises on the historic S/V Mandalay is like no other. “Volunteers, Volunteers to the line.” You daily rum ration is related to the morale of you and your shipmates. Passengers pull ropes to hoist the sails. No electric winches here.

The Mandalay with its 29 air conditioned cabins, 236 foot three masted schooner sails most Sundays from Grenada. See links below for details, stories and rum swizzle recipes.

Star Clippers offers tall ship cruises on three authentic tall ships with all modern amenities, great food, outstanding itineraries and comfortable cabins.

In Turkey, we have relations with yachting companies.  We have cabins available every week on what is called a Blue Voyage. You may book a cabin on a 6 to 8 cabin sailing yacht just as a regular cruise. You my charter an entire yacht for yourself, friends, family or group.  The yacht range from 4 to 8 cabins. The rage in Bodrum today is larger, but fewer cabins. Thus we have many yachts in the 25-30 meter range with master cabins, guest cabins.  We also have yachts with smaller but a higher number of cabins.