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Footsteps of Paul Tour with Sailing Cruise

Footsteps of Paul Tour

A footsteps of Paul tour is not complete without a sailing cruise. St. Paul sailed the Turkish coast at least three times.  The comfortable yachts have between 4 and 8 cabins.  We have access to a few larger yachts especially for groups doing a footsteps of Paul tour.  Time for total relaxation and fellowship on […]

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Footsteps of St Paul Turkey Tours for Church Groups


Footsteps of St Paul Turkey Tours Why Turkey? Because what a better place for a church group to follow in the footsteps of St. Paul’s missionary journeys and sail the seas as he did? You could feel the thrills of the history of the early church… and Turkey does have more history than you can […]

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Footsteps of Paul Tour and Sailing Cruise

Turkey Sailing Tour

Footsteps of Paul Tour and Sailing Cruise This Footsteps Paul tour traces St. Paul though Turkey from his birthplace in Tarsus, to the early churches in Cappadocia, most of the seven churches of Revelation, and a delightful Blue Voyage sailing cruise in the waters Paul sailed three times. Day -01) DEPART USA FOR YOUR FOOTSTEPS OF […]

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Pamukkale Turkey: A Spa Stop-Western Turkey or Footsteps of Paul Tour

Pamukkale Spa Turkey

 Calcium’s not just good for bones or triggering muscle contractions. If the many residents of the spa town of Pamukkale Turkey are to be believed, it works wonders on muscles and sinews too. ‘Cotton Castle’, 19km north of Denizli, has built a centuries-long reputation on the restorative qualities of its calcium-rich hot springs water. The […]

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A Special Blue Voyage

I first met Ibo Apak in 1999 as he was our Captain and leader for our historic sailing from Bodrum to the Black Sea for the August 11, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse. He is the owner of the yachts depicted in this video. The company has three yachts in their small fleet. The three ships […]

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Turkey Biblical Tours

Tropical Sails Corp offers historical journeys with unique fellowship only a yachting cruise can provide. We arrange many pilgrimages to places where Christianity first spread – for example we travel with St Paul to Turkey and to Greece, where the peoples of the Classical world first accepted the Christian Gospel. The seven churches of the […]

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