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Ubud Monkey Forest Bali Indonesia

  Ubud Monkey Forest Bali Indonesia The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud  was a welcome relief after traversing two lane roads with motor scooters, pedestrians and cars in a hurry.  With tall trees and plenty of shade the walk was not too taxing in the heat.  In the forest once can feed the monkeys bananas, peanuts […]

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Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Bali Review

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Bali Review   The Bali Airport was a mad house.  We arrive and there are at least 150 drivers with signs.  Our name was not on any, oh my!  No panic, we get some cash and prepare to exit.  There we find another 150 drivers and we saw Made with a […]

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Star Clippers Bali Cruise and Romantic Bali Honeymoon Packages

Star Clippers Bali Cruise Westbound

                Romantic Bali and a tall ship Bali cruise. Take a fabulous honeymoon on beach vacation in Bali followed by a tall ship cruise to several gorgeous beaches in Indonesia. Check these dates for your dream adventure: 27 May 2017,   08 July 2027, 19 August 2017, 02 […]

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