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Travel to Madagascar for an Annular Solar Eclipse Tour Aug-Sept 2016

Annular Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 Madagascar

Annular Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 Madagascar 10 Days from and to Antananarivo: Travel to Madagascar August 25-Sept. 3rd, 2016, An island waiting to be explored. Discover the best of Madagascar during this fascinating ten-day tour with lemurs, birdlife, fauna and flora, bustling markets and of course the big event, the spectacular annular Solar Eclipse! Begin […]

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Annular Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 Tanzania

Tanzania 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse Safari

Tanzania Annular Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 & Safari Observe an Annular Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016 in Tanzania. You´ll enjoy all in 9 days including: safari “Big 5” wild animals, the finest beaches of the blue Indian Ocean, UNESCO cultural heritage sites.   An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun’s center. You will […]

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Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 to Palu Sulawesi Indonesia

Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 Map

Total Solar Eclipse Tour 2016 between March 2-11, 2016   A total eclipse of the sun is one of the natural world’s greatest phenomena’s. A solar eclipse is such an event it defies description. Even the best photography can only offer a hint of the eclipse experience. You need to be there! Tropical Sails Corp has been bringing people […]

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42 Night Asia 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise

Sea Princess 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise

42 Night Asia 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise on the Sea Princess Relive the excitement from our 2012 Solar Eclipse Cruise on the Dawn Princess from Sydney, Australia.   Of all the cruise lines, very few are doing a 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise.  Here is one that combines Australia,  Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Guam on a […]

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Solar Eclipse Cruise from Singapore March 2016

March 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise

March 2016 Solar Eclipse Cruise Indonesia Here is you chance to tour the exotic far east and witness a total solar eclipse. Singapore, Jakarta, and Bali are the highlights. Komodo dragons and Indonesian culture are part of the adventure. The chances of clear skies get better as one heads east into the Makassar Strait.      […]

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Indonesia Solar Eclipse Cruise 2016

Alotau to Darwin 24 Day Solar Eclipse Cruise

 Indonesia Solar Eclipse Cruise 2016 Tropical Sails Corp is delighted to announce two outstanding itineraries for discriminating clients to experience an Indonesia Solar Eclipse Cruise 2016 in South East Asia aboard the luxury small-ship Oceanic Discoverer. Launched in 2005, the Oceanic Discoverer is one of the most modern small ships operating in the South Pacific today, and […]

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