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Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise

Star Flyer in Costa Rica to observe Comet ISON {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruise 11

Star Flyer in Costa Rica to observe Comet ISON

Special Dates and fares from Tropical Sails Corp

Star Flyer Comet ISON Cruise
The cruise on the Star Flyer begins Sunday December 1st in Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. On Monday you will be at sea, observing the Comet ISON before dawn on the special Comet Ison Cruise. Sail this week to: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Playa de Coco, Costa Rica, Cuanjiniquil, Playa Flamingo, Islas Tortugas and Puerto Caldera. With five full days ashore you will have time to go horseback riding, zip-lining, go boating on a river, take a water slide down a mountain, climb volcanoes, buy coffee or soak in hot springs. Costa Rica is for active vacationers, but then again you may just sit on the ship and smell the salt air!

We have a group of amatuer astronomers aboard. Most are looking forward to dark skies on the Pacific ocean and some early rising to observe Comet ISON.

Costa Rica Cruise Map {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise costarica map

Costa Rica Cruise Map

Sunday Dec 1st. Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, Comet Viewing Monday At Sea Comet viewing before dawn.

Tuesday San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. In the 1849 Gold Rush, before the Canal was built, the way you went from the Atlanic to the Pacific was via Cornelius Vanderbilt’s trans-isthmus steamboats, which took you up the Rio San Juan across Lake Nicaragua and then via rail to San Juan del Sur, the Pacific terminus, where you’d catch a clipper for San Francisco. Today you can easily drive to Lake Nicaragua, one of the largest lakes in the world and home to a species of fresh water shark, and take a more modern tourist boat to the twin-volcanic
peaked island of Ometepe, a magical Eden-like place held in almost mystical regard by Nicaraguans.

Wednesday Playa del Coco, Costa Rica. Playas del Coco was one of Costa Rica’s first beach des nations for the laid-back and cool. The Guanacoste beaches are justly famous for surfing and they are also the nesting places for many species of marine turtles. Inland the vast savannahs and dry rain forests are a completely different climate from the rest of Costa Rica. Comet viewing and lecture a er dark, top deck.

Thursday Cuanjiniquil (Nat. Park Santa Rosa), Costa Rica. This port is the entryway to Santa Rosa and Guanacaste National Parks and the cloud forests of Volcanic Cacao and Volcano Orosi. Santa Rosa, the country’s first national park established in 1972, is home to an amazing number of animal species.

Star Flyer Crew {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise crewrc 001 1

Star Flyer Crew

Friday Playa Flamingo
Saturday Islas Tortugas / Curu, Costa Rica Tortuga is an exquisite li le island of off Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Giant manta rays, dolphins and the occasional humpback whale are frequent visitors here and the volcanic reef is home to dozens of marine species. Nearby on the Nicoya Peninsula, the Curu Wildlife Reserve offers an up-close look at the amazingly diverse marine life of the Curu River mangrove estuary.

Sunday Dec 8th. Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

The 360 foot long Star Flyer has almost an acre of sails and 85 well appointed cabins. She has many amenities of a big cruise ship. She sails most of the time trying to keep the fuel bills low. The itinerary is designed to give the maximum amount of time ashore, and to be at sea at night. The low number of passengers offers a more intimate experience not found on big cruise ships.

The Star Flyer offers a full range of shore excursions, water sports, and on board activities. The on board dive shop is a hit with many clients. With a maximum of about 170 guests, you will be on an off the ship in a jiffy every day!

Star Flyer Deckplan {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise flyer clipper deckplans

Star Flyer Deckplan

Fares for this special cruise are up to 60% off brochure rate. Special fares begin at $1480 plus port charges of $225. Airfares to Costa Rica are very reasonable and available at

For a flyer, please download it here:Star Flyer Comet ISON Cruise


This tour is arranged by Tropical Sails Corp, a leader in solar eclipse and astronomy travel. Daniel Oppliger, owner of the company has arrange 15 solar eclipse tours and cruises around the globe with the first one being in Baja, CA 1991. Call Daniel at 800-595-1003, 623-444-8195 Or fill out this reservation form to get started.

Comet Ison Bert Stevens {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise Comet Ison Bert Stevens

Comet Ison Bert Stevens

Notes on the photo Oct 3, 2013

Here is an image of Comet ISON Bert Stevens took the morning of October 3. It is a stack of 24 20-second frames stacked to follow the comet, trailing the stars. It was taken just before twilight. Bert will probably try this again taking longer subs and getting more data. Bert was originally concerned that the comet was too bright, but the central pixels were only around 5000. He intends to run 50-second subs and get more of them to create a better picture.

Equipment: 12″ LX-200 Classic, Apogee AP-7B camera, Robofocus/ Software: MaxIm DL, The Sky 5, ACP, Robofocus.

Bert Stevens is Co-Director of the Desert Moon Observatory, MPC #448.

Comet Ison and Mars {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise Ison and Mars

Comet Ison and Mars

Photo by Vikrant Kumar of comet ISON and Mars. Captured with an Orion ShortTube 80mm Refractor Telescope on an Equatorial Mount from Kota, India, on October 16, 2013.

Comet Ison from Astronomy Magazine {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise Ison Astronomy Mag

Comet Ison from Astronomy Magazine

The month of ISON is about to arrive! Find out how to observe the comet in the first week of November at

Comet ISON Dec 1-17th, 2013 {focus_keyword} Star Clippers Comet ISON Tall Ship Cruise Comet ison Dec1 17

Comet ISON Dec 1-17th, 2013 Sky & Telescope

By Daniel Oppliger

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