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Solar Eclipse 2016 Report and Photos

2016 Solar Eclipse Mosaic solar eclipse 2016 Solar Eclipse 2016 Report and Photos eclipse mosaic

2016 Solar Eclipse Mosaic


Here are a few photos from a client. This post is backdated before the eclipse in order not to obscure 2017 Solar Eclipse Offerings.
Hi Dan.

I’m sorry that I did not get a chance to write sooner.
Still trying to catch up from the trip.

All went well.
The group was an interesting bunch and a good time was had by all.
Singapore is an exciting place, but way too hot and muggy to properly enjoy.
We took advantage of several excursions and they all paid off well.

The eclipse was perfect.
Sailed to a clear spot and got a nice place on deck to watch the whole thing.

The Sky & Telescope crowd had many events — all private.
Several special guests — Bob Naeye, Dr. Krupp, and Fred Espanack.
We didn’t even hear about what they were doing.

Accommodations pretty good, but not as nice as the Dawn Princess.
Food on ship good.
Food on land a bit spotty but recognizable.

I want to thank you for arranging the drink packages for me and Cathy.
They worked out well for both of us.
With the high temperatures, we drank a lot of water.

That’s all for now.
I have not yet organized my photos, but I’m working on it.
It took me 2 days to adjust to solid and firm ground and over a week to readjust to the time zones.
Those flights are so long and the planes more uncomfortable than ever.

Once again, thanks for everything.
Another successful trip!


Note from Dr. Art

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