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African Safaris

A ‘Farewell’ to Single Supplements on the Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari!

With our latest special, single travelers can now embark on the Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari without having to pay a single supplement. This means they can explore the vast wildlife of Botswana and witness the majestic Victoria Falls at the same per person rate as clients travelling as a couple

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African Sunset on Safari

For all those clients who love the thought of embracing Africa with just themselves and a camera, here are the tour dates to keep an eye on:

January – May Departure Dates:16 February, 8 March, 27 March, 6 May, 28 May

November – December Departure Dates:12 November, 29 November, 14 December

Terms & Conditions:
•The combination with any other specials has to be requested.
•Only applicable for the Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari scheduled departures from 1st Jan – 31st May 2014 & 01 Nov – 31 Dec 2014.
•Maxmum of 4 single bookings per tour (availability pending).

For more information or to book your seat and secure this special, please call Tropical Sails before your preferred departure date is sold out!

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Elephants Eye Lodge

As far south as Southern Africa, so are our rates…

We have slashed our tour prices for our Southern African tours! That means the opportunity of seeing Table Mountain, experiencing the vastness of the Namibian Desert; encountering the Kingdom of Swaziland and whole lot more has now been made more accessible.

•Pure Namibia – Priced from: EUR 1705 / US$ 2305 *save 10%
•Namibia Lodge Safari – Priced from: EUR 2100 / US$ 2835 **save 15%
•World in One Country – Priced from: US$ 2305 / EUR 1705, *save 15% *save 10%
•Kruger Wildlife Experience (Standard Package): Now priced at EUR 650 / US$ 895 per person sharing. Save EUR 165 / US$ 205 Save 40%
•Kruger Wildlife Experience (Mid-range Package): Now priced at EUR 710 / US$ 980 per person sharing. Save EUR 185 / US$ 230 Save 40%
•Kruger Wildlife Experience (Upmarket Package): Now priced at EUR1465 / USD2019 per person sharing. Save EUR 320 / US$ 656 Save 40%

Two African Ruins you must see before you die

Africa is a continent steeped in history and myth. Each culture has tales which run back for many years, some even to the beginning of time and these stories have been influential in shaping the Africa of today. Much of the African past has unfortunately not been recorded in writing like in the Western world; however, ruins and remains of these lost generations have preserved their memory in the most remarkable way.

For starters, you don’t have to read the history, you can live it.

The Churches of Lalibela: In the 13th century King Lalibela of Ethiopia had giant churches erected out of singular stones. Believed to have experienced a vision from God, King Lalibela had thirteen stone churches made with unequalled craftsman ship. Today, these churches stand as the 8th wonder of the world, for much surrounds the beautiful buildings. Some say they were crafted by angels…

A visit to The Churches of Lalibela is included in the following Jenman Safaris’ tours: Ethiopia Spiritual Discoverer

Great Zimbabwe Ruins {focus_keyword} Safari News Africa GreatZimbabweRuins

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

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