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Menu on a Blue Voyage in Turkey

Menu Blue Voyage

Traditional Turkish Breakfast: Butter, olive oil, three sorts of jam, honey, cheese, feta cheese, black & green olives, tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt, assortment of fresh fruits, tea, coffee, milk, bread & toast.

Afternoon tea time: Cookies & Cakes, tea, coffee, fruits

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Turkish Starters

Lunch Menu
1. Baked Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables, Pilau Rice with Almonds, Green Beans Sauteed in Olive Oil, Fresh Fruits
2. Meatballs a la Smyrna, Bulgur Rice with Tomatoes, Shepherd’s Salad, fruit
3. Turkish Pastry with Mince & Feta Cheese, Mixed Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables, Zaziki, Turkish Coffee with Turkish Delight
4. Spaghetti Bolognese, Mixed Seasonal Salad, Yogurt soup with cucumber and mint, Melon plate
5. Meat balls in tomato souce, Fried Aubergine & Green Peppers with Yoghurt Sauce, Sauteed Green Beans, Green Salad, Mixed Seasonal Fruits
6. Aubergine with Mince in the Oven, Pilau Rice, Shepherd’s Salad, Turkish Desert
7. Chicken Wings with Barbeque Sauce, Mixed Fried Vegetables with Tomato Sauce, Zaziki, Fruit

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Dinner time.

Dinner Menu
1. Traditional Turkish Meze platter, Oven Roasted Lamb, Mixed Sauteed Vegetables, Fried Potatoes, Shepherd’s Salad, Fruit
2. Beef Steak, Red Beans with Tomato Sauce, couscous, Carrot Salad, Spicy tomato puree, Turkish Dessert
3. Grilled Calamari, Fresh Fried Fish, Seasonal Salad, fava( a kind of smashed bean ) Potato Salad, Fruit
4. Baked Pastry with Mince and Feta Cheese, Turkish Dolma Platter, Green Salad, Mixed Seasonal Fruits
5. Barbecue ( lamb chops, sausages, chicken wings, shish kebab), Pilau Rice, Tomatoes & Cucumbes, Red Beans with Tomato Sauce, Turkish Coffee with Turkish Delight
6. Curry Chicken with Peas and Carrots, Potato Puree, Beetroot salad
Mixed Salad, , Fruit
7. Fresh Fried Fish, Green Salad, Potato salad, haydari (a dish consisting of chopped cucumber, garlic and dill in yogurt) Beetroot salad Turkish Dessert or fruit

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