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At Tropical Sails Corp serving Sun Village in Surprise, Arizona, we believe traveling should be a unique experience of adventure, beauty, inspiration and perfect service. The story of our company began in 1990 in El Paso, when Dan Oppliger, who was working for a tour operator, received an unusual request.

A client was interested in a solar eclipse tour down the Mexican Baja peninsula for the total solar eclipse in July 1991. Dan’s boss was not interested in the project, but Dan took the “I can do that” attitude and decided to go for it on his own. He ran ads in Astronomy Magazine and 75 people signed up for the Baja Peninsula in no time. Dan used his expertise to make all the arrangements. The entire party ended up watching the total solar eclipse from a gorgeous beach southeast of La Paz. The word spread and a few years later, in 1994, we had some clients for the annular solar eclipse in El Paso. Dan made himself a name in town, supplying some 100,000 pair of “Eclipse Shades” to schools, businesses, radio stations, and individuals.

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Guaranteed Departures

People simply loved the new approach. It was just a matter of time until someone came up with the idea to charter a Windjammer Barefoot tall ship for the solar eclipse in February 1998, in Guadeloupe. It was then when the company ended up with the Fantome, Polynesia, Legacy, Mandalay and also the new Star Clipper ship. From that moment on, the company added cruises to is offerings, including the Dawn Princess and a Royal Caribbean ship. The year of 1999 was a premier for us. We organized our first travel to Turkey. For two weeks, 33 people enjoyed sailing in private yachts past the Ephesus, the Dardanelles and Bosporus into the Black Sea. From this success, we began to organize Sailing the Route of St. Paul tour for church groups. The sailing was so well-received that the Istanbul Star published a full page spread about us and we also got the cover page of Weekend Bodrum.

But our story continues. Shortly after seeing Turkey, we went to Africa. With a small start-up Safari company, we took 3000 miles over southeastern Africa, passing 5 countries. It was simply superb. After this, by the end of 2001 we landed in Australia with a small group and witnessed an annular solar eclipse at sea, on the Yankee Clipper tall ship. In 2004, we had a group ion the S/V Polynesia, for the Venus Transit. As you can see, in no more than 10 years since Dan Oppliger took the first step to creating our company, we could already pride ourselves in having made connections and organized journeys in most parts of the world.

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Travel Agency serving Sun Village

The year 2006 came with a big opportunity, with 84 people subscribing for an 8-night sailing voyage on private yachts in Turkey. Our previous experiences helped, undoubtedly, but ever since we have become specialists in providing the best travel experience possible. In 2008, we had large groups in China for the Silk Road Eclipse. We saw many wonders during that journey, including the Yellow River, White Pagoda Hill, Iron Bridge, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, Hami King Mausoleum, White Stone scenic area and many sites around the Tianshan mountains. But we didn’t stop there, we wanted to provide our clients with a genuine experience of the local culture, so we mixed activities including Chinese Opera camel rides, bicycle rentals, zip-lining, and dancing.

We liked China so much, that in 2009 we returned to repeat the experience from 1991 with the Baja Eclipse Saros cycle, only now we have moved over the globe. Besides extensive touring of Beijing, Xian, the Yangtze Cruise, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, we took advantage of the Xian Bicycle Ride and a fantastic dinner show. Let’s say the only thing as better as these was an afternoon on top of the TV tower in Shanghai. Dan returned to China with a small group to tour Yunnan. After a stop in Shanghai, the tour went to off the beaten track Dali, Lijiang, Shangrila, Kunming, a cruise on the upper Mekong and then in northern Thailand.

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Avalon River Cruises

2010 sailed us around Tahiti on Aranui II, a freighter cruise. 2012 led us to the Australia Eclipse Cruise, from Sidney. And we can’t wait to see what is still ahead of us! During all this time, Dan has been in 35 countries. The company has very good arrangements with suppliers all over the world. We developed ourselves as solar eclipse travel specialist. We are China and Turkey specialists and we offer only our best services for tall ship cruising, ocean cruising, river cruising and touring by land. Dan and his wife Shirley are Avalon River Cruise Specialists, offering the largest cabins in the industry at a great value. Whether you are interested in journeys for large or small groups or for individuals, our agency will provide you with extraordinary flexibility.

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Travel Agency Serving Sun Village in Surprise, AZ

We are always opened to combine and adjust everything as necessary to create a travel itinerary that best works for you. Sun Village Travel Agency is committed to services of the highest degree. There will be no confusion or uncertainty when working with us. Our service is impeccable and we do everything to create a special and unique experience for each of our clients.