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China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014

Yunnan, Yangtze, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai China Tour Map {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 Yunnan Tour with Options

Yunnan China Tour

Beijing – Xi’an – Kunming – Dali – Shangri-la – Lijiang – Chongqing – Yichang – Shanghai 20 days 19 nights

Oct 22th. Depart USA.

Oct 23thDay 01: Arrive in Beijing
Arriving at Beijing airport, the local guide will be at the airport to welcome you and transfer you to your hotel for rest.
Overnight in Beijing

Oct 24th Day 02: Beijing B/L/D
Visit Tian’anmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Dominating the north side of the square is the massive red Tian’anmen Gate through which we will pass into the fabled Forbidden City and another age, where we will see the home of the members of the royal family and their court during China’s Ming and Qing Dynasties. Tonight, watch a fascinating performance of Peking Opera.
Overnight in Beijing

Corner shot of the Temple of Heaven {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 china 09 095

Corner shot of the Temple of Heaven

Oct 25th Day 03: Beijing B/L/D
Today we will visit the Great Wall where you will have the opportunity to not only see one of the most impressive sections of the Great Wall of China but also take a walk along it. After lunch you will travel some 50 km northwest of Beijing to the Sacred Way with its fabulous stone animals. The way leads to the Ming Tombs in the shadow of Longevity Mountain. A visit to the Underground Palace of Dingling will allow you to see imperial coffins, burial artifacts and treasures. Tonight, we will have leisure in nightclub district.
Overnight in Beijing

Oct 26th Day 04: Beijing – Xi’an B/L/D
Free time for your rest or shopping until take flight CA1209 (10:15/12:20) to the ancient former capital city of Xi’an, and visit the ancient Xi’an City Wall (14th century) one of the most important city walls in China. Afterwards, we will transfer to your hotel. then we will go to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The square, seven-storey pagoda was built in 652 AD and is a fine example of Tang Dynasty Buddhist architecture.
Overnight in Xi’an
Oct 27th Day 05: Xi’an B/L/D
Following breakfast in the hotel, we will set out for another highlight of your tour, the Terracotta Warriors Museum. The thousands of life size soldiers and horses were created to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor to unite China under his firm rule. The royal tomb itself has yet to be opened but the rank upon rank of Warriors is a sight that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. After lunch, we will visit the Provincial History Museum which has the richest collection of artifacts in China.

Xian {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 china 09 313


Overnight in Xi’an
Oct 28th Day 06: Xi’an – Kunming B/L/D  Option to join tour here.
Take flight 8L9926 (10:30/12:30) to Kunming. Arrive in Kunming, check in hotel, Flying Tiger Museum, Over the Hump Monument.  Evening meal at the Flying Tiger Restaurant..
Overnight in Kunming
Oct 29th. Day 07: Kunming B/L/D
Leave Kunming in the morning and drive to Stone Forest (Shilin in Chinese, 89 km, 1.5 hours), a typical karst formation, the Stone Forest covers an area of more than three hundred square kilometers. Scientific research has shown that what is now the Stone Forest was 270 million years ago an immense expanse of water with a vast stretch of limestone sediment formed over the years on the seafloor. As a result of the crustal movement, the seabed rose gradually and a large piece of land thus came into being. Exposed to rains and winds, eroded by the elements, the strange-looking limestone ranges were shaped by time. About 200 million years ago numerous stone peaks, pillars, and stalagmites rose abruptly from the ground and towered into the sky, extending now as far as the eye can see, looking like a vast forest of stone, hence the name “the Stone Forest”. The Heisongyan Scenic Spot (also named as the Naigu Stone Forest) is 8 kilometers from the Scenic Spot of Stone Forest. This area is the major sightseeing area of dark stones which mainly composes of stone pillars, stone pagodas and stone castles. All of these towering stones are displaying a grand view over magical sceneries. The locla flavor Yiliang Roast Duck which famous in whole Yunnan Province will be arranged as lunch. In the afternoon back to Kunming, visit and walk in Green Lake Park if time permits. Situated in the downtown Kunming, the Green Lake Park is also named Nine Dragon Pond in ancient times, because there are nine spring outlets at the north of the lake. In winter many Siberian red-beaked gulls come to inhabit here.
Overnight in Kunming

Bamboo Temple Kunming {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 SAM 0240

Bamboo Temple Kunming

Oct 30thDay 08: Kunming – Dali B/L/D
In the morning drive to Dali. On arrival, check-in the hotel for a short rest. Then visit Three Pagodas which known as the Chongsheng Santa and situated on top of the ruins of Chongsheng Monastery, the Three Pagodas lie one kilometer northwest of Dali and located on the slope of Mount Cangshan. And take a strolling on the Dali Old Town. The history of Dali Old Town can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty when Dali was the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom which is the home to Bai minority. The town, whose format is like a chess board with four gates guarding in the directions of east , south, west and north stands between Cangshan Mountains and Erhai Lake, a natural configuration that seems specially designed for a good bountiful life.
Overnight in Dali
Oct 31st. Day 09: Dali – Shangri-la B/L/D
In the morning drive to Shangri-la, on the way visit Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world. From the top of the gorge you look down the steeply angled (70-90 degrees) mountain sides to the rushing Golden Sands (Jingsha) River with its 18 frothing rapids more than 200 meters (about 700 feet) below. Check in the hotel upon arrival. Overnight in Shangri-la
Nov 01. Day 10: Shangri-la B/L/D
This morning we will have a late departure to visit Songzanlin Tibetan Buddhism Monastery, which is 5 km from the seat of Shangri-la County. Construction began in 1679 and was completed in 1681. It is said that the Fifth Dalai Lama chose the site of the monastery through divination and named it “Gedan Songzanlin Monastery”. In 1724, during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, the monastery was renamed the “Guihua Monastery”. During its time of greatest prosperity, there were more than 3,000 monks in the temple, now there are still 700 monks inside. Then visit local Tibetan Family and enjoy the yak tea. In the evening visit Zhongdian Old Town with Tibetan old streets and houses and enjoy the local Tibetan people dancing in the middle square of old town.
Overnight in Shangri-la

Songzanlin Monastery {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 Songzanlin

Songzanlin Monastery

Nov 02. Day 11: Shangri-la – Lijiang B/L/D
In the morning drive to Lijiang. Upon arrival, check in the hotel. Followed walking in the Lijiang Old City,which is one of the best-preserved ancient towns of the minority ethnic people of China. This town is known for its wooden buildings, cobblestone streets and is crisscrossed by streams of clear mountain water. Lijiang old town belongs to the World Culture Heritage of UNESCO.
Overnight in Lijiang
Nov 03. Day 12: Lijiang B/L/D
Then we stroll in Shuhe Old Town. Shuhe, also “Shaowu” in Naxi language, means “the village at the foot of the high hill”. In the past, there behind the village was a high hill named Jubao Hill, so people named the village after the hill. Generation after generation, the village gets its present name. The Ancient Town of Shuhe is located 4 kilometers to the northwest of the Ancient City of Lijiang. Its central part covers an area of about 5 square kilometers. In 1997, the Ancient Town of Shuhe was ranked as an important part of the Ancient City of Lijiang. Next visit Dr Rock’s Risidence.
Overnight in Lijiang
Nov 04. Day 13: Lijiang B/L/D
After breakfast visit Black Dragon Pool, its name from the waters which sparkle like jade and are as clear as spring water. The entire park is green with grass and shaded by swaying willow trees. Under the Suocui Bridge, a waterfall creates a constant roar as it cascades downstream. Next to Dongba Museum, which was designed to display the splendid Dongba culture. The major infrastructure of the museum is archaized Naxi modest Siheyuan(Courtyard House). In this museum, you can observe the footprint of history, and your wisdom will also be inspired. This museum is the witness of the historical social change of Lijiang. You can trace the history of Lijiang by appreciating the ancient rough axes, the rusty rifles, the Wufeng Building, the monument lying on the riverside of Jinsha River commemorating the crossing-river battle of the red army, the boorish but magnificent Baisha murals, etc. In the afternoon take a visit to Baisha Naxi Village. Baisha (White Sand) is located in the north of Lijiang. It is named this because of the large amount of white sand on the earth surface there. According to history Baisha is the earliest place for the settlement of Naxi nationality after they entered Lijiang basin.
Overnight in Lijiang

Lijiang Canal {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 Lijiang01

Lijiang Canal

Nov 05. Day 14: Lijiang – Chongqing – Cruise day 1 B/L/D  Option to fly to Shanghai and not to take the cruise.
Morning take flight PN6512 (12:25/13:55) to Chongqing, meet the local guide and transfer to visit General Joseph W. Stillwell Museum. General Joseph Warren Stilwell (1883-1946) was chief commander of US forces in the China-Burma-India Theatre during World War II. In 1942, ranked as a major general, he was dispatched to CBI and was regarded as the best field commander in the entire United States Army. General Stilwell was a true friend of the Chinese people as well as a Chinese linguist. Next to visit Ciqikou Ancient Town which preserved in sprawling modern Chongqing. It’s an old sleepy town built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The town’s name, Ciqikou, means porcelain harbor, and the community prospered from the porcelain trade. Today it offers a glimpse of the peaceful laid-back life in the Sichuan countryside and is somewhere to take a break from the busy commercial world of Chongqing. At last visit Chongqing Zoo, which was established in 1955. It occupies more than 60 hectares of land and there are 230 kinds of more than 4500 rare and precious wild animals be shown in this zoo throughout the year, among them 80 percent of the animals belong to world rare species and national protecting important animals. After dinner, transfer to Chongqing port and embark the Yangtze Cruise.
Overnight on board.
Nov 06Day 15: Cruise day 2: Fengdu and onward B/L/D
This morning we will make a stop for a visit to the Ghost City of Fengdu, famous for its temple dedicated to the King of the Underworld, an association dating back to the Han Dynasty. Fengdu is where the devil lives, according to Chinese legend. They say that spirits go to heaven, and evil goes to Fengdu. The town is overlooked by Ming Shan Hill, home of Tianzi, the King of the Dead. The whole place has an eerie feel to it with deserted streets, empty shops and banks.
Overnight on board

Yangtze Bridge {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 china 09 573

Yangtze Bridge

Nov 07. Day 16: Cruise day 3: Lesser Three Gorges B/L/D
Today will stop off for an excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges which are the three separate valleys of the Daning River: Dragon Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. These lie on the lower reaches of the Daning, which flows into the Yangtze. The gorges are truly spectacular. Sheer cliffs soar up towards the sky from the brown-green water. Mountain tops hover above the ribbon of mist, disconnected from their roots. Its “subtle mountains, clear waters, pretty rocks, dangerous rapids, sharp turns, fantastic caves, and stalactites in various shapes” create the timeless beauty that you see in Chinese landscape paintings. Monkeys, mandarin ducks and other water birds can be seen loitering on big boulders in this area. In addition to the wonderful natural scenery there are a number of historical places of interest along the way, such as a suspended coffin, boat coffin, and remains of ancient plank walkway.
Overnight on board
Nov 08. Day 17: Cruise day 4: Three Gorges Dam – Yichang – Shanghai B/L/D
Today we arrive at the Three Gorges Dam site and take a shore excursion to see this marvel of engineering. It is the largest water conservancy project ever undertaken by man and it has been a dream for several generations of Chinese people. The construction of the dam formally began in 1994. The body of the dam was completed in 2003, and the whole construction will be competed in 2009. After lunch onboard we will arrive in Yichang at about 1330. After disembarking the cruise, your guide will meet you and transfer you to the airport for your flight FM9366 (15:35/17:05) to Shanghai. On arrival at Shanghai, transfer to hotel.
Overnight in Shanghai

Shanghai Yuyuan Garden {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 Shanghai02

Classic China Tour

Nov 09. Day 18: Shanghai B/L/D
Shanghai is a city that must be seen to be appreciated. Morning visit Yuyuan Garden. Laid out in the 16th century by a Ming official, this small (2 hectares) garden is a delight of pools, pavilions and rock gardens. Strolling through the bazaar surrounding the garden, you will find lines of stores that sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts. Next visit Shanghai Old City. In the afternoon, enjoy walking tour on the Bund. Along the 1.5 km bund, all the grand buildings are over hundred years, each of them has it’s own story. Lined with all the colonial buildings, the Bund is a significant area for the recent Chinese history and overlooking Huangpu River. Continue visit Nanjing Road, this is Shanghai’s main shopping street, enjoying the fame as “the No. 1 commercial street of China”, also it is one of the most prosperous streets in Asia. After dinner, have a cruise on Huangpu River.  Overnight in Shanghai


Shanghai Pudong {focus_keyword} China Classic Tour with Yunnan Fall 2014 062shanghaismall

Shanghai Pudong

Nov 10. Day 19: Shanghai B/L/D
Visit Shanghai Museum and Jade Buddha Temple which was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Burma by sea. These were a sitting Buddha (1.95 metres tall, 3 tonnes), and a smaller reclining Buddha representing Buddha’s death. The temple now also contains a much larger reclining Jade Buddha, donated from Singapore, and visitors may mistake this larger sculpture for the original, smaller piece. Then visit Jiang Nan Silk Factory (lasts for 1.5 hours).  Afternoon free, or visit Oriental TV Tower or top of Hyatt Hotel Approximately $20)  Farewell dinner with Chinese flavor will be arranged for you tonight.
Overnight in Shanghai
Nov 11.  Day 20: Departure Shanghai B
Transfer to airport for departure flight, end of service.

Main tour (Kunming, Dali, Shangri-la, Lijiang):
2-5 pax: 2239USD p/p
6-9 pax: 1489USD p/p
10 pax up: 1295USD p/p
Single supplement: 368USD p/p
Above prices include transfers, 4 star hotel accommodation, entrance fee, meals and English guide service. Must have 12 pax to be escorted from USA.

Pre-option tour (Beijing & Xi’an):
2-5 pax: 1821USD p/p
6-9 pax: 1428USD p/p
10 pax up: 1261USD p/p
Single supplement: 268USD p/p
Above prices include flight Beijing/Xi’an/Kunming, transfers, 4 star hotel accommodation, entrance fee, meals and English guide service. Note: discount if tour takes overnight train Beijing to Xian in lieu of air-flight and one night hotel in Beijing. CALL.

Post-option tour (Yangtze & Shanghai):
2-5 pax: 1985USD p/p
6-9 pax: 1760USD p/p
10 pax up: 1620USD p/p
Single supplement: 609USD p/p

Above prices include flight Lijiang/Chongqing, Yichang/Shanghai, Victoria Yangtze cruise, transfers, 4 star hotel accommodation, entrance fee, meals and English guide service.

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