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At Anchor Blue Bays of Turkey & Greece

At Anchor Blue Bays of Turkey & Greece.

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Bobbing in a private blue lagoon? Yes it is even affordable! Go sailing on the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. Totally relaxed: Captain, sailors and cook with a small ship included.

Imagine this: an uninhabited Bay, clear water, the Sun is shining. After some snorkeling, lazing in the lounge cushions on the deck of a gület, a traditionally built Turkish sailing ship, the sailors cover the table with white linen. The Cook put a series of appetizers, mezzes, ready and turns the fish on the BBQ. The captain pulls out a bottle of dry white wine from the ice and places it in a wine bucket on the table!

Dream Vacation
It sounds good, but it looks like a dream holiday, which you book if you just have won the lottery. Not necessarily. A private blue lagoon that is affordable.

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Blue Voyage Aft Deck

Book a plane ticket to Turkey and step aboard. No sailing experience? That’s not a problem. Sail here many, traditionally built gulets sailing ships of wood. They are complete with Captain, sailor and cook for rent. They call this a “blue voyage.” Would you like to roll up your sleeves and help with sailing? You can, but only relaxation is required.

Silent bays
Turkey has become the budget destination with its all-inclusive resorts, but finding a quiet Bay here is not a problem. The Lycian coast, in the southwest of Turkey, is the most beautiful part of the coast. An azure Bay for yourself here is so found. Many gultes leave from Bodrum or Göcek.

Island Hopping
Greece is also a good option. The Aegean and the Ionian Sea is dotted with over 1400 Greek Islands. Sailing is the best way of island hopping in Greece. Select and explore one of the island groups. Favorite are the Cyclades with Mykonos and Naxos or the Dodecanese Islands with Samos, Rhodes and a few almost uninhabited islands such as Arki and Fourni.

What does it cost?
Sailing in this area is popular. On most boats, there is place for 10 to 14 people and crew on board. Each cabin has its own shower and toilet. Where do you look for and the big question of course. What does it cost? Greek routes are limited by Greek law to 12 passengers.

Affordable Choice
Big fan of sailing; go on tour with the smaller tour operators, such as Ventus Sailing available through Tropical Sails Corp. The Dutch company has its own fleet and sails over the Aegean sea around Greece and Turkey. The rate is from 895 USD per person per week. That is all inclusive; so including meals and (alcoholic) beverages, but excluding flights, transfers and tips. Ventus Sailing now has 5 yachts 6-18 passengers including old Tussock yachts.

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Six Cabin Gulet

Holy Cow!
And did you just won that lottery; consider a visit to a ultra-luxurious private gulet complete with a jacuzzi on board. For ‘ only ‘ 55,000 euro per week rent it all. Tropical Sails and its esteemed travel partners have a range of private gulets ranging from 4 to 12 cabins to fit many if not all budgets for your blue voyage.

Originally posted in Dutch by Door Albertine Piels.

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