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Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa

Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa

The Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa is a luxury lodge in the heart of San Pedro de Atacama, Region of Chile.  We entered the compound from the dusty roads leading into this desert canyon luxury hideaway. We were greeted with a choice of limeade or raspberry juice smoothies.

Alto Atacama Aerial View alto atacama lodge Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Alto Atacama Aerial View

Alto Atacama Aerial View

Tropical Sails Corp Chile solar eclipse tour 2019 will use this resort for three nights for part of our group who want the luxury lodge experience in Chile.

The grounds were clean and seemingly dust proof, considering the surroundings.  The rock gardens, alfalfa patches and small gardens all fenced off in a western motif. Visitors familiar with Sedona, Arizona would feel quite comfortable here.



Alto Atacama Desert Lodge alto atacama lodge Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa Grounds IV

Alto Atacama Lodge


Alto Atacama Lodge Telescope alto atacama lodge Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Alto Atacama Lodge Telescope

Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Telescope.   Here I am after the star party.  We had to walk up 70 steps to reach the heights.  The walkway was lit with white light (a no-no). One at the observing platform we had comfortable chase lounges to look up at the stare. In the telescope, we saw Saturn, Mars, open clusters, closed clusters and a few Messier objects, especially in Sagittarius.

Our luggage was taken to our respective rooms.  We were briefed on possible excursions for the evening and the following day.  We chose a visit with the resident astronomer and a star party after an early dinner. We were offered a menu of 29 combinations for tours.  All the tours were included except hot-air ballooning and a day long trip to Bolivia.


Chilean Flamingos alto atacama lodge Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Chilean Flamigos

Chilean Flamingos

The following day, I chose the Flamingo Salt Flats tour with a visit to San Pedro in the morning.  For late afternoon, I chose the Valley of Fire, where we hiked along a trail with old mines, no shade and stunning views of the landscapes.  At sunset, we observed the light dancing on the rocks and accenting the color variations in the hills.  Of course we have wine, cheese and assorted snacks.

Puritama Hot Springs alto atacama lodge Alto Atacama Lodge and Spa Puritama Hot Springs

Puritama Hot Springs Puritama Hot Springs Atacama Desert Chile Video

My other excursions were the “spa tour” and a trip to Puritama Hot Springs.   On our last morning, I stayed at the resort because our transfer was set for 12:30 pm to the Calama airport.  I toured the grounds, the mineral garden and wandered on the decks.

Dining at the resort consisted of a set menu with one item changing daily. I chose the Chilean stew of beef and chicken the first night, the Chilean beef the second.  The third night they offered a buffet of Chilean tapas, which were delightful.  All the dishes were prepared my Michelin trained chefs and presented spectacularly.

Other pluses of the resort are seamless wi-fi, open bar for all domestic drinks and most wines.  Only one dipping pool is heated. (It was mid spring on my visit).

I checked out the Pisco sours and learned how to make one.



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