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A Special Blue Voyage

I first met Ibo Apak in 1999 as he was our Captain and leader for our historic sailing from Bodrum to the Black Sea for the August 11, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse. He is the owner of the yachts depicted in this video. The company has three yachts in their small fleet.

Capt. Ibo and Friends {focus_keyword} A Special Blue Voyage Ibo and babes

Capt. Ibo and Friends

The three ships can accommodate groups of up to 42 persons which makes a good size for Church groups wishing to sail the waters that St. Paul sailed at least 3 times or groups with an archeology or history emphasis. By setting up a coastal tour of Turkey, you unpack once, perhaps twice. You settle in and relax for a week or two on the water and have the crew take of meals and cleaning.

Narrated by a former partner of the firm, the video gives an accurate idea of what a voyage can be like for your group. We can design any one of a number of tailored itineraries with all prearranged or self guided shore excursions in Turkey. Give us a call today.

We have known Apak Tours since 1999. Ibo was established the company over 30 years ago in order to provide to you the most enjoyable “Blue Voyage” experience. All of our travel and sailing activities are coordinated by our experienced team in our office located in the Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey. Our purpose is to make your holiday an unforgettable one by providing high-end services that are specifically customized to your needs.

In 1920s, with the influence of the Fisherman of Halikarnassos, Cevat Sakir, Blue Voyages became a part of our lives. The Blue Voyage experience became a luxuries one when the small fishing boats were replaced with the modern Gulets. The Gulets that are manufactured in Bodrum are known by their forms and their convenience for sailing. They have modern amenities including private heads, showers and air-conditioning. The yachts are also equipped for sailing and we like to make our guest experience this when the weather conditions are appropriate. Since 1989, the yachts compete in the Bodrum Cup the third week of October each year or provide logistic support for the other competing boats. Give us a call today.

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